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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We are licensed by Cheshire West and Chester Council, license number 01154.

Our Booking Policy

The Transfers journeys to and from UK Airports can be long and unpredictable with unknown traffic conditions, we will do our best to stick to agreed schedules but cannot offer a guarantee.

If your flight is delayed or rescheduled, the driver will collect you as normal, however, please be patient as when flight times change it will affect our schedules.

The driver for your booking will go to the pickup address given on the original booking. If your driver is not there within five minutes of the arranged time, please contact us.

All returning passengers should have their mobile phone on. We kindly request that when you have your luggage, please ring the drive on the phone number you will have been provided.


All quotes are just quotes

Quotes do not include fixed charges such as car parking charges, bridge charges, road tolls, tunnel charges, charges to enter a City etc.

Any lost or left/lost luggage will be stored for free of charge. A drop off charge will be levied if you would like us to deliver it back to you at our private hire rate. After 28 days the items may be destroyed.

All pickup or drop-offs will be added to the booking at the point of booking, if extra drop-offs or pickups are added later they will be charged at our Private hire rate.

If you make a mistake on your booking we will not be held responsible, extra charges may apply.

Fouling charges start at £50 this may be more depending on how bad the fouling is, maximum of the cost of a full valet and two day off the road, at driver’s discretion.

If you do not turn up for your trip we will bill for the missed trip plus 15% to cover extra waiting time and extra car parking.

Pick up times for the outward trip are within 5 minutes of booking time, as we give plenty of time for you to get to the airport and some addresses are harder to find than others.

Airport pickups will typically be 40 to 50 minutes after the flight lands as this is the normal length of time it takes to come through with your luggage, unless you tell us you have no luggage, please let us know at the time of booking.

All late arriving flights, we kindly request that when you have your luggage, please ring the drive on the phone number you will have been provided. The driver will guide you to the new meeting points around the airport due to the ongoing building work.


All sports equipment, large boxes, odd-shaped luggage, and more than 5 suitcases will normally be taken in a Minibus and be charged for at the going rate.


All wheelchairs must be declared at time of booking, so we can decide on the correct size of vehicle and cost, folding wheelchairs will go in a car if you don’t have too much luggage electric wheelchairs will normally have to go in the minibus.

Child/booster seats

Child seats will be stored free of charge if you travel both ways.

All baby seat must be labeled with the following; Name, address, return date and return flight number and a mobile phone number on them.

Guide dogs or pets

Guide dogs are free of charge, depending on what vehicle you need.

Complaints procedure

We aim to deal with all complaints in a timely and professional manner.

All complaints must be reported as soon as possible by email or in writing.

Each complaint must include, Full name, address, date of travel Flight number and as much information as possible.

Also, you need to leave the appropriate contact details, to contact you.

Also, complaints can be sent to Cheshire West and Chester Council Licensing Team. or ring 0300 123 7737.